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Frequent questions

What are the ESDESLAS containers like?

The CTM01 and CTM03 Transport Container for Biological Samples is made up, in accordance with the OMS recommendations, of two differentiated containers that are concentrically housed one inside the other.

How many primary containers can it hold?

The packaging can contain an indeterminate number of primary containers depending on the type of container and size to be used (test tubes, flasks, etc.)

What type of closure do they have?

The outer and inner packaging have a mobile lid on the upper part of the cylinder, made of rigid plastic and press-fitted to the body of the container, without a seal.

What presentation do you have?

Containers CTM01 and CTM03 are served in cardboard boxes of 50 units / box (minimum order).

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CTM01 sanitary container

Specific for the transport of Category A samples.

CTM03 sanitary container

Specific for the transport of Category B samples.

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